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For all of you who do not know me, my name is Enrique Rene Asencio. I am a pilot and an aircraft mechanic. I’m currently living in Texas but I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Ever since I was born, I love airplanes; I can’t imagine myself doing something different.

I dedicate all this and more to the memory of my beloved son Neftali Rene Asencio aka “El Gran Kikito".

This will be a place for you to find all kinds of fun, educational and motivational stories, videos and photos from different roles in the aviation field.

So please join us and become an Aviador Del Caribe too.

Welcome to our webpage!

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Our mission is simple, to share the love and passion of aviation to everybody who loves this field no matter the age, gender, or race.  

The history of Aviadores Del Caribe begins when my son started to show some interest in aviation as a career.

I bought my first airplane at the age of 21. When Hurricane Hugo hit the island I had to disassemble the wings of my Cessna 150 and stored it inside my home garage. My son Kikito was a little baby but he used to play with the plane thinking he was “fixing” or “flying” it.   

When he turned around 15 or 16 years old he got very passionate about aviation. He had the same questions we all have.. How can I be a pilot? How can I be an aircraft mechanic ? 

I started thinking on how to help not only him but my two other younger kids and who knows, maybe some other kids with the same dreams.  

I had this idea of opening a facebook page for aviators with pictures of different airplanes, involving him into the aviation community. 

He was learning a lot just by looking at the posts and stories on the page.  

I also created a Virtual Airline for FSX, X-Plane and P3D and made him the administrator. He learned how to work all things related to airports and flights. 


So, why that name? “Aviadores Del Caribe” 

Like I said before, I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, a USA Territory colonized by Spaniards. I like all things related to pirates and their history, not only with Puerto Rico but with all the Caribbean islands around us.

I decided to mix a little bit of aviation with pirates and the name was born: “Aviadores Del Caribe” (which in English means Aviators of the Caribbean or Caribbean Aviators).

Our beloved son passed away on Feb 1, 2019 at the young age of 21. 

He finished an Associate Degree as an Aviation Maintenance Technician. 

He made us very proud.

I want to continue with all the ideas we had together. I want to accomplish our goal of growing Aviadores Del Caribe while helping other young men and women to discover their love for aviation and follow their path.

Here is the first part of our plan Kikito!

Te amo mucho. 


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